The specialist in the extrusion of custom rubber profiles for 45 years


Rubber profiles in all shapes and sizes. From subtle rubber seals for bearing systems to buffer profiles on quay walls. From a complex seal in a window-sill to kilometres of glass rubber. Flevo Rubber Extrusion creates the profiles you need.

Custom production

There are various methods for the extrusion of rubber profiles, depending on the size, shape, purpose and production volume. We are the only company in the Benelux to provide all production techniques ourselves. So we can also produce your rubber profiles according to your specifications.


Whatever process your rubber profiles need to undergo, we can do it. Siliconising, perforating, promolating, tallowing, carving, making self-adhesive, with colour skin or anti stretch cord, co-extrusion... Contact us to discuss all options.

Making tools

Our tool-making workshop deserves special mention. Here we produce extrusion moulds. This contributes to better guarantees and a greater continuity: should anything break down during the production of your rubber profiles, repairing does not depend on (the shipping period of) third parties. We will simply make a new mould ourselves and can continue right away with producing the profiles you ordered.

Rubber profile pictures

A picture tells more than a thousand words. Below you can find an image database with pictures of rubber profiles that will give you a good idea of what we can produce. Of course, visiting our production site will tell you even more about the options of our rubber extrusion.

Rubber profile qualities

The features of a rubber profile depend on the intended application. We have the tools and expertise to produce rubber profiles with exactly the right geometry, way of transforming, impression force, density and ease of installation for your situation.


Many of our rubber profiles are used to seal hatches and windows on ships, which requires the best sustainable waterproofness in any situation.


Windows, doors, facades, conservatories and verandas: when glass is framed by metal or wood, air-tight sealing is required. We deliver reliable quality according to your specifications. Guaranteed to be air-tight.


Do you want to use rubber profiles to subdue tremors and prevent damage? Our profiles are favoured especially in the most robust of circumstances, like on industrial or agrarian machines.


When an oil tanker that weighs thousands of tons docks at a quay, you won’t stop it with an air-filled fender. Our buffer profiles – up to 200 kilos per metre – absorb any hit.