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Large variety of rubber extrusion profiles

Do you want a custom rubber profile for your window frame, door, canopy, greenhouse or quay wall? Flevo Rubber Extrusion supplies this extensive range of rubber seals. We are the only company in the Benelux to produce rubber profiles in a microwave oven, liquid salt bath or with steam in our autoclave.

The production process in brief

First we press the rubber mixture under high pressure through a mould. The extruder, a cylinder with a rotating steel worm, pushes the mixture forward and makes it hot and plastic. Next, the rubber passes through a mould that gives it the right size and shape.

In vulcanization, the rubber forms a 3D network which improves the mechanical properties of the rubber. The profile required by the customer determines whether vulcanization takes place in an autoclave, salt bath or microwave.

Customized profiles

You will understand that the rubber production process is a very precise one. At Flevo Rubber Extrusion you are in good hands, as we have over half a century of experience with rubber extrusion profiles.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

You can contact them directly via +31(0)320 233 007 or via sales@flevo-extrusion.nl

Thinking along with the design

Flevo Rubber Extrusion distinguishes itself not only through our unique extrusion options in microwave, salt bath or autoclave. We also involve our clients in the development process at an early stage in order to arrive at the right solution.

Appropriate compound

We know that choosing the appropriate compound properties will help determine whether the profile will function properly. We have a choice of more than 300 different compounds. As a result, our profiles are flexible, offer good resistance and are not prone to wear.

Our in-house moulding plant

We have our own moulding plant which gives you an extra assurance of continuity. Should something break down during production, we are not dependent on (the delivery time of) third parties for the repair.

Handling on customer’s request

We can also handle your profiles according to your specific needs. For example, we can siliconize your profiles, deliver them in the desired lengths, perforate them, put product codes on your seals and package the profiles according to your wishes.

Safety first

We produce with about 40 employees in a 3-shift operation. Our production areas are set up in such a way that our employees can work safely. Moreover, we give our employees annual safety training. In this way, we can remain alert to this together.

Quality is guaranteed

Flevo Rubber Extrusion guarantees that the supplied profiles are of high quality. This is objectively guaranteed by our ISO-9001 certification. We continuously optimize our production processes and have these audited by an external quality agency on an annual basis. In this way we set the bar high and our customers are permanently assured of rubber seals with the best properties.

ISO9001 certified


The production processes at Flevo Rubber Extrusion are designed to minimize waste. Improvements are sought continually. With this effective method of production, we want to make an important contribution to sustainable business. We only produce and use electricity that is generated in a CO2-neutral way, and our production halls and offices are lit by energy-efficient LED lighting. In our daily business we are constantly looking for improvements to further reduce the burden on the environment.