Partner in rubber profiles

With many years of experience in the field of rubber profiles, we can guarantee to answer your questions about production and application.

In collaboration with you and our R&D department, we realize the optimal rubber profile.

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Industrial Doors

Flevo Rubber Extrusion is the number one partner for manufacturers of overhead and garage doors for businesses and homes. High quality, innovation, high-quality R&D and reliable delivery times are paramount in this industry.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors can be made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Flevo Rubber Extrusion has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products for the windows and doors market since its inception.

We now collaborate with more than 100 partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


Whether it’s a veranda, greenhouse or terrace roof: In all cases, high demands are made on the prevention of humidity, draughts and temperature.

Greenhouse Construction

Technologically speaking, Dutch greenhouse construction is a trendsetter in the world. Flevo Rubber Extrusion plays a major role in this and continually develops new products together with its customers in this sector.

Offshore and shipbuilding

The European shipbuilding and offshore industry is leading in the world with many innovations and renewals having originated in Europe. We are your reliable partner in the market.

We supply a varied range of fenders and seals to the offshore industry.

Specials & infra

Are you looking for specific technical custom solutions such as glass seals with variable openings? We offer a wide variety of rubber extrusion profiles and custom profiles.