Top quality EPDM rubber profiles for greenhouse construction

The garden & greenhouse construction industry is an important sector for Flevo Rubber Extrusion. It is a market that is very dynamic: whereas in olden days, greenhouses of limited size were built in Europe, turnkey projects of 20 hectares and more are now being constructed worldwide.

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Your partner for a water and windproof finish

Technologically speaking, Dutch greenhouse construction is a trendsetter in the world. Flevo Rubber Extrusion plays a major role in this and continually develops new products together with its customers in this sector.

We also play an important role in this market in conventional greenhouse construction and the aftermarket. The EPDM profiles that we have developed over the years are still used today. Here too we have proven to be a reliable partner in development and delivery in this industry.

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Various EPDM profiles for greenhouse construction

Our product portfolio in this industry is huge. We can supply the following profiles, among others, to your specifications:

Screen profiles

Glass support profiles

Door Profiles

Dilation Profiles

Solar Profiles

Glass Profiles

Facade rubbers

Shutter Profiles

Flevo Rubber Extrusion offers these profiles in EPDM quality in hardness levels ranging from 60 to 85 Shore. We can offer a seal in multiple hardness levels through co-extrusion. We can even supply a colored coating!

Top quality EPDM rubber profiles for greenhouse construction

Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction

Industrial and private greenhouse construction

Private greenhouse construction has taken off in recent years and has become incredibly popular worldwide.

The hobby greenhouses or private greenhouses are no longer just used for growing vegetables or fruit, but also offer a winter garden to relax in when it is a little colder outside.

Our rubber sealing profiles offer the right guarantee against humidity, temperature differences and are excellent for the various weather conditions.

Our EPDM sealing profiles are excellent against UV and ozone influences and can withstand any type of weather. By means of co-extrusion we can also provide our profiles with a colored coating.