The European shipbuilding and offshore industry is leading in the world with many innovations and renewals having originated in Europe.

We are your reliable partner in the market. We supply a varied range of fenders and seals to the offshore industry.

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Fender marine and offshore: large dimensions

A fender marine and offshore serves to absorb kinetic energy of a mooring ship. In this manner, damage to a ship or the mooring facility is prevented. Whether it concerns large fenders with a maximum diameter of 500 mm or a hatch gasket in an EPDM quality with low hardness, Flevo Rubber Extrusion develops and produces it all!

Door and window seals for the shipping industry

In addition, we also supply door and window seals for the shipping industry. These include sealing profiles for windows, doors and hatches on ships that are used worldwide and must meet the toughest marine requirements in terms of water tightness and ease of operation.

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