Specials: Specially customized products

Are you looking for specific technical custom solutions such as glass seals with variable openings?

We offer a wide variety of rubber extrusion profiles and custom profiles. Flevo Rubber Extrusion takes your application into account and can thus optimally gear the products to suit your requirements.

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Specials: Specially customized products

Bridge deck joint sealing on highways

A bridge deck on a highway is subjected to considerable stress due to expansion and contraction. The weather with its large temperature differences and the corrosive effect of brine play a major role in this. It is therefore very important that the road surface is provided with rubbers that can absorb these forces.

We have developed a special blend that is used internationally for this purpose.

Vibration isolator noise barriers

When a high-speed train passes a sound barrier, large forces and movements occur in the sound barrier at high speeds. Our rubber seals absorb these forces and movements perfectly.

In order to manufacture an optimally functioning profile, we work in collaboration with the supplier of the noise barriers from the earliest stages. We develop special mixtures for this purpose that meet the set requirements.

Challenge glass seals with variable openings and low absorbency

Flevo Rubber Extrusion gladly accepts the challenge of developing a rubber profile with the client that can seal multiple thicknesses of glass. Even when the space is small, we think along with our client to achieve a perfect installation.

Flevo Rubber Extrusion has succeeded many times in this way in producing a reproducible glass seal that perfectly meets the requirements of the user.

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