Windows and doors

The EPDM rubber profiles from Flevo Rubber Extrusion are perfectly suited for sealing windows and doors.

They have a good insulating effect and are highly resistant to the effects of ozone and UV, allowing us to guarantee a long life.

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Rubber sealing profiles for windows and doors

Windows and doors can be made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Flevo Rubber Extrusion has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products for the windows and doors market since its inception. We now work with more than 100 partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Within windows and doors, rubber or plastic sealing profiles are an essential part of proper efficacy and functionality.

Our sealing profiles guarantee that humidity, draughts and temperature differences do not stand a chance. They are designed and produced in such a way that processing them within your production process, both mechanically and manually, is virtually problem-free.

Are you looking for a specific solution within your production process or a product in which sealing profiles are a part? We would like to brainstorm with you from the beginning.

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Collaboration with results

Example from practice: Our client was looking for a wall rubber profile that was easy to process both mechanically and manually and that could simultaneously bridge a distance of 6 cm.

The customer’s design department and Flevo Rubber Extrusion’s design department took up the challenge together. The result was a wall rubber with a special coating for ease of installation, which allowed the wall rubber to bridge the 6 cm gap without any problems.

The joint approach ensured that our customer could successfully introduce a new design of his window frames to the market.