Together towards a suitable design

In the extrusion of rubber profiles, the design of the mold (molding plate) largely determines the design. The product sketch, the chosen quality and the chosen rubber type are important ingredients to develop an optimally functioning molding plate.

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Thinking along with the design

We prefer to consult with you at an early stage. This way we take your application into account. Naturally, we think along with you about the steel or aluminum component on which you want to install our rubber profiles. We help you to design it in such a way that the installation of the rubber profile is faster and easier, with an optimal end result.

This will lead to large savings in the final production.

Collaboration from the outset

You are in good hands at Flevo Rubber Extrusion, as we have extensive experience with rubber extrusion profiles for more than half a century. We are the only company in the Benelux to produce rubber profiles in a microwave oven, liquid salt bath or with steam in our autoclaves.

We also have our own in-house extrusion plant, which gives you an extra guarantee of continuity and ensures that the entire process of engineering is in our own hands.

Do you have any questions about a design? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

You can contact them directly via +31(0)320 233 007 or via

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Compound and material selection

Care is needed in the proper selection of the compound. When rubber is compressed through a mold plate, it tends to want to return to its original state. This phenomenon causes the rubber to swell; called Die Swell.



Good tooling is half the battle. In rubber extrusion, the choice of an extruder is crucial to the result. With the extruder, Flevo Rubber Extrusion turns the supplied compound into an endless product. With our own extrusion plant, you are assured of continuity and short delivery times.


Extrusion techniques

Flevo Rubber Extrusion is fully dedicated to the production of rubber extrusion profiles. These profiles are produced in both endless and piece production. We distinguish ourselves by having all the necessary extrusion techniques in-house.