Handling and finishing

Naturally, we do everything we can to make your profile easier to process and function. For example, we can extrude profiles with two different hardness levels.

All kinds of post-processing are also available.

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Handling and finishing for an optimal result

Our rubber profiles are used in various industries and for different applications. Flevo Rubber Extrusion plays a major role in this and continually develops new products together with her customers.

Varying hardness levels and colors

Rubber profiles can be produced for you in different hardness levels. For example, we can extrude profiles using co-extrusion with two different hardness levels (e.g. hard exterior, soft interior), or with multiple colors (black with color skin).

Post-processing and finishing

Various post-processing options are also available, such as the application of a lubricant, coating or a self-adhesive tape or by means of sealant to facilitate installation. The extrusion of an anti-stretch cord to prevent the profile from stretching during installation is also available.

Traceable; customized packaging… we are happy to help!

Flevo Rubber Extrusion can print your product codes on your profiles so that they are traceable. We also think along with you about the packaging of your product, taking into account your logistical process. Whether it concerns packaging for internal use or packaging for your dealers or end users: Flevo Rubber Extrusion offers the appropriate solution!

It is also possible to cut your products to different lengths and deliver them in your own unique packaging if you wish. We are also happy to take over your transport needs and guarantee fast and efficient delivery to any address in Europe. We work together with carefully selected hauliers who know the requirements of your product.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

You can contact them directly via +31(0)320 233 007 or via sales@flevo-extrusion.nl

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In the extrusion of rubber profiles, the design of the mold ( molding plate) largely determines the design. The product sketch, the chosen quality and the chosen rubber type are important ingredients to develop an optimally functioning molding plate.


Compound and material selection

Care is needed in the proper selection of the compound. When rubber is compressed through a molding plate, it tends to want to return to its original state. This phenomenon causes the rubber to swell; called Die Swell.



Good tooling is half the battle. In rubber extrusion, the choice of an extruder is crucial to the result. With the extruder, Flevo Rubber Extrusion turns the supplied compound into an endless product. With our own extrusion plant, you are assured of continuity and short delivery times.